Hi, there!

Welcome to my blog! I am Shivani - a 31 year old Indian, living in Sri Lanka. I love books. Always have, always will. I've read so many books throughout my life and all the books that I have enjoyed, have had certain lines and paragraphs and quotes that have resonated with me. 

It's nothing great, it happens with every reader, right? So, I have physical books with underlined paragraphs, or in some cases corners of pages tucked in if the whole page is amazing and I can't underline all of it. 

I also have a Kindle, with highlighted paragraphs all in the My Clippings file. However, I've always wanted to have a blog where all my favourite pieces of writing were more accessible to me. Where I didn't have to necessarily search through an entire book or pore through the My Clippings file on my Kindle to revisit a particular quote that I loved. 

After my daughter was born, this need to have these writings more accessible grew even more. I have this image of her being able to look through these gorgeous/informative/funny little snapshots of my books, even if my physical books or my Kindle aren't with her.

All of which to say, this is NOT a review site. I am not reviewing books. I like all of the books I will be posting here, and I may note down some feelings the paragraphs engender within me, but there is no reviewing about the plot or the characters or anything of that sort. 

This blog, is pure indulgence. If, on the way, you happen to stumble upon it and find it interesting enough to follow or comment, well all the better for me! It will be great to meet other people who like the same or similar books - I am ALWAYS happy to get book recommendations! 

That's it, then. Happy reading!

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