Dark Rivers of the Heart

by Dean Koontz

Envy is second only to self-pity as the most dangerous of all emotions.

There are too many things in life I wish I’d never learned ’cause now I can’t forget.

…as night itself was drawn across the evening sky by the terrible weight of the sinking sun.

This line is so characteristic of Dean Koontz. The first book I ever read by him was The Face, and these vivid images that he paints with his words stood out to me. That has been a constant in all of his books. 

I am a strange boy who keeps secrets from himself and keeps them as well as the world keeps the secret of its meaning.

I pray to God that destiny isn’t a thing of iron, that it can be flexed and reshaped, that it bends to the power of mercy, honesty, kindness, and virtue – because otherwise, I can’t tolerate the person I will become, the things I will do, or the end that will be mine.

Gah. Love this. Hope and doom, optimism and despair all mixed in together.

You’re got to remember, whatever happens – it’s only life. We all get through it.

There is something about DK's writing that certain sentences really stay with me and my brain supplies them to me at utterly random times in my life, as a way of self-soothing, I suppose. This is one of those sentences. 

In conclusion:

To be honest, I love a lot of books written by Dean Koontz. This, while not one of my top favourites, is still a good one with some stand-out quotations that I remember.

Started – September 2015.

Finished – September 2015.

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